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Call us now  for garage door spring repair and replacement!

When your garage springs need repair, servicing or replacement, our experts at Fusion Garage Door Repair are here to help. We offer fast, efficient service using the latest equipment to meet all industry standards.


Did you just try to open your garage door only to have the spring break before your garage door could open? Do you have a garage door that fails to open or close completely?

A bad garage door spring can cause all sorts of problems, some of which may not appear at all related to the springs, such as a sagging garage door, noisy operation, a door that hangs unevenly, etc. When you have irregular performance from your residential or commercial garage door, call our experts immediately for solutions because a garage door with a malfunction can be a potential hazard.


Garage door spring replacement – Replacing garage springs is one of the most common garage door repairs because the springs get stressed the most of any part of your garage door system. At Fusion Garage Door Repair we offer new garage door springs, as well as professional installers when you need to have your garage door serviced.

● Garage door torsion spring repair

● Adjusting extension & torsion springs

● Garage door spring replacement

● Tune-ups and safety inspection

● 24/7 garage door service


Fusion Garage Door Repair offers a free 25-point safety inspection every time we service, repair, or replace your garage door springs. We do this to ensure that your garage door still meets all industry standards after these repair procedures, and therefore safe to operate.

Any time you have issues with your garage door springs give us a call at Fusion Garage Door Repair for immediate assistance. We offer you precision garage door spring repair and installation



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